Why donate?donate

We would love to extend and improve our operation in a number of ways.

We would like the classrooms to be equipped with tables, chairs, whiteboards etc. We would like the kids to have the books, pencils, pens, rulers, etc. they need. We would like the kids to have some age-appropriate, educational toys to play with. We would like them to have sports shoes, shorts and shirts. We would like to take them on trips to local museums, national parks, etc. We would like to give them a more substantial snack each day.

All these things are taken for granted in schools in the developing world, but are lacking here.

How will the money be used?

Should you choose to donate to us, we will spend the money directly on these things. We are a small organization without significant overheads – no professional fundraisers, no marketing budget, minimal office costs, etc. The overheads that we do have are funded from different sources so we guarantee that all your donation will go directly to the projects.

Our needs:

If you want to donate, please donate by bank transfer directly to our account:

Account name: Fundación Bolivia Digna
Account number: 3051-224312
Bank name: Banco Ganadero S.A.
Bank address: Calle Bolivar #99 (esq Beni), Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Swift code: GNDRBO22

If it helps your tax records, we are a charitable foundation, registered with the Gobernación del Departamento de Cochabamba.

Name: Fundación Bolivia Digna
Registration number: 457/06
Bolivian tax number (NIT): 182070024

Please contact us if you have questions or need to discuss anything concerning your donation.

Should you, or your company, wish to enter into a more strategic partnership with us we´d love to hear from you.