Located a few hundred meters from the foundation, the hospital in which we work welcomes children daily who are required to stay in the hospital for a more or less long period depending on the nature of the disease.

Thus, in different sectors (paediatrics, surgery, oncology or burns), our volunteers work directly with children, by spending time with them playing or talking, thus allowing patients to better overcome pain and recover more easily. 

Mornings and afternoons

Depending on the number of volunteers, we make sure to go there every morning and, when we can, also in the afternoons. Through games, manual activities, reading and even moments of discussion, we ensure their psychological well-being in order to avoid the regression caused by isolation and thus help them to overcome the burden of the disease. To promote their fulfilment, it is therefore necessary to pay attention to the quality of the hospital environment and the maintenance of social and cultural activities, hence our regular interventions.