We are always looking to build mutually beneficial relationships with local and international organizations that share our vision of investing in children and our passion for direct action where it has most impact.


We would love to hear from local or international businesses (or individuals) who would like to partner with us in some way. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas:

  • sponsor one of our professional teachers;
  • sponsor equipment and supplies for a classroom;
  • keep our sports school supplied with balls and other essential kit;
  • support a particular, one-off, creative project or event such as a football tournament, Christmas dinner for the kids, etc.;
  • fund sports shoes, socks, shorts and shirts for a group of our kids.

In return for any of these kinds of sponsorships, we can agree on appropriate recognition or joint promotional activities.

On a larger scale, maybe you´d like to use us to help execute your corporate responsibility program. For example, you could outsource all, or a part of, your program to us. We would agree some goals and a budget, make a plan with you, project manage it and provide whatever data and input you might need to feed regulatory or marketing requirements.

We´d love to discuss possibilities with you, so please contact us and we´ll start the ball rolling. If that all sounds a bit too intense for a first date, please just donate.