We are very proud to announce the introduction of our Proyecto Comedor Soledário (The Supportive Kitchen). A community space to support the families of Mercado Campesino de Arocagua and Tackoloma, the Comedor will provide 70 daily lunches to children, adolescents and the elderly – healthy meals that will reduce malnutrition. The Comedor will also provide space for training in nutritious meal preparation and business management. This gives family members work skills that will lead to better job opportunities. 

The Comedor program also allows for the integration of other projects developed by Fundacion Bolivia Digna, including the community gardens, chicken coops and rabbit hutches at the Arocagua Metropolitan Park School.

The term “community” holds great significance as it provides a space for mothers to empower themselves and promote a lifestyle of solidarity and service. This group of mothers, who take care of the dining room at Comedor, are able to bring their young children along and receive assistance from volunteers while they work. Through this experience, mothers and their families form strong bonds of fraternity and family, working together to build better days for our community.