Bolivia Digna’s accommodations

Bolivia Digna offers in Cochabamba a variety of accommodations options based on personal preferences and length of stay.  We provide accommodations with local families, as well as comfortable volunteer accommodations and housing centrally located in Cochabamba.

Please note that even if Cochabamba is a developped city, it is for sure not as comfortable as where you are coming from. By living in one of the two houses or in a family, you will be privileged and your comfort can not be compared to the every day life of the majority of Bolivians. As such you can experience issues with water, especially during the dry season (it is sometimes cut for several days because of shortages), or Wi-Fi, which quality is not always the best! Please stay open and calm, you do come to a less developped country!

Homestays with Bolivia Digna

Bolivia Digna provides homestay accommodations with carefully selected families in Cochabamba. Individuals receive a private and comfortable room, and home cooked everyday. Probably the most valuable aspect of the homestay experience is the chance to integrate oneself into the daily lives and activities of a local family; to exchange stories, improve language skills, make new friends, and experience Bolivian warmth and hospitality.

Private / shared rooms

Volunteers get the chance to stay in our fully furnished two houses in Cochabamba (50m distance one from the other, see pictures below). Only a short walk to the city center, all of our rooms are quiet and safe. Additionally, the central location of our houses provides easy access to many of Cochabamba’s numerous cultural and nightlife activities. You will get two meals a day from Monday to Friday and will have access to our fully equiped kitchen, all our commons including TV room, living room, backyard and garden. Our rooms come fully equipped and furnished. Wi-Fi is accessible in the commons in the main house. For interested individuals and couples, we invite you to come and be a part of our family!