Since 2018, Bolivia Digna is supporting even more the two communities it has been working with since 2014 and is helping the kindergartens in the mornings, with which we are sharing the buildings for our own activities in the afternoons.

Why do they need help?

The two kindergartens need help and support with the children. In particular in one school, the teacher is alone with 35 children from 3 to 7 and it is very difficult to manage them on her own and to have adapted activities for each age. The risk is that children don’t receive the attention and explanations they need at a crucial age (some are learning to read and write as well as basic mathematics) and start in their life with already school difficulties.

What do we provide?

Volunteers can work in the mornings in one or the other kindergarten in order to help the teachers managing the children but also having a more adapted programme for the different age groups. Volunteers will support the teachers in their planning by helping and explaining to the children. But they are also more than welcome to take initiatives, suggest activities and/or prepare activities on a specific theme given by the teachers. Some good example of this year’s activities initiated by the volunteers in the mornings:

  • Hygiene programme: make the children brush their teeth in the mornings after eating their breakfast
  • Have a session on gender issues and gender equality
  • Prepare activities for the Carnival

If you would like to do volunteer work with children in Bolivia, we’d be very interested to hear from you as we are always looking for patient, creative people with or without experience, who enjoy working with small kids.