Many of the children live in communities or housing that lack clean water for drinking. Their diet is often very poor and hygiene standards are generally low. We try to improve the immediate situation for the kids and educate them so they can better look after their own health.


What is the situation?

The combination of poor diet and inadequate sanitary conditions put the kids at high risk of both chronic and acute diseases and infections which are entirely preventable. For a variety of reasons, healthcare is not always accessible.  The children we work with are also in the high-risk category for physical and psychological abuse. Although we cannot simply tackle all of the causes, we try.

What do we provide?

Each day, for each child attending we provide (bottled) drinking water and a healthy snack – fruit, vegetables, eggs, high fibre biscuits etc. We also provide facilities, soap and water so each child can wash their hands before eating.


We regularly run workshops along with local professionals on different aspects of health – dental hygiene, healthy eating, personal hygiene. We run sessions with the kids aimed at preventing violence and other forms of abuse. The kids should know their rights and responsibilities and should know what to do if they feel their rights are being infringed upon.

We also act as a watchdog. We monitor physical, emotional or behavioral changes that might indicate a problem and intervene if we feel that a child is in need of professional help. We maintain a network of health and legal professionals who will offer services without charge and we have an emergency fund that will pay for essential medical and other services that the families cannot afford.